Quick Service Restaurant[QSR] in just under Rs.5 lakhs

Small restaurants have many advantages over large establishments when you are starting new. These are ideal for a concept like a café or a sidewalk bistro. Small startup capital for equipment and setup, low operating expenses like staff requirement, rentals and utilities lead to sizable profits. Considering these advantages you still have to get good number orders to lead the show. Our team will help you guide to start your food business with the below aspects.

Some of the steps for executing the QSR/ Restaurant/ Fine dine will be similar but the scale, budget and operations would be on a different level. We shall take you through the entire process and at the end of the service; you would be aware of most of the real time challenges and solutions to make your dream come true. Who knows? This could be your own top QSR brand, which is selling the most.

1. Investment Options

How do you raise money for your dream restaurant? Total practical and real time experiences will be shared on the below fund raising models.

  • Self-funding model
  • Loan
  • Franchisee model
  • VC – Angel funding
2. Evaluation of all the costs involved will be done stage wise [Fixed and operational expenses]
  • Interiors
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Food costs
  • Rent
  • Manpower costs
  • Electricity, water etc.,
3. Conceptualization of the QSR/Restaurant/Fine dine is base of total entity. Guidance will be given on the following baselines.
  • Professional support from our consultants and chefs in creating your menu
  • Standard operating procedures [SOPS] for the whole menu or for all the categories of the menu
  • Pricing the menu maintaining the average price per customer
4. Vendor management and staff hiring guidelines.
  • We guide you in Manpower hiring [incl. how to do their background check?/ checklist before hiring]
  • Connect with equipment and ingredient vendors for effective pricing in the long run
  • Vendors for Kitchen equipment, chilled frozen and ambient storages and IT
  • Support in setting up the Point of sale [Importance of billing, KOT Generation and control on billing process]
5. Operational guidelines
  • Guidance on compiling the CCTV data
  • Guidance on Inventory tracking
  • getting listed with food aggregators like swiggy, amazon, zomato
  • Guidance in Price, discount and campaign strategy for effective performance in online sales
  • Tips on extending operational timings to maximize productivity
6. Location and licensing
  • Tips to select the right location
  • Guidance on licenses and approvals
7. Go live
  • Guidance on things and checklists to watch out after ‘go live’

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*Disclaimer – This consultancy is purely based on real time experiences. This program doesn’t ensure any sort of success in the project to be taken. It all depends on the risk, effort and persistence shown by the client. Through this program, we shall approach the client with different real time case studies and the outcomes of actions taken in those scenarios. This is purely for the purpose of awareness and guidance only, not to give any false promises towards success. Hope you understand this and make use of our expertise and benefit yourself. Wish all the best.