General Q and A

1. All items are ready to cook or ready to eat?

A. Yes, most of the items are ready to fry, bake or cook items like samosas, pakodas, cutlets, parathas etc., and some items like cookies are ready to eat items.

2. Are these products for commercial purpose?

A. Yes, we assure you best pricing, quality and consistency which suits to commercial model. Many of the reputed brands take our services, to ease their operations and reduce dependency on skilled manpower as the products are easy to cook by anybody, which gives same taste all the time.

3. How do we cook the products?

A. For each and every item cooking instructions and videos are provided along with images and description. Kindly follow the same.

4. Product Training?

A. For all the products, regeneration videos are properly attached in the product portfolio page. Please go through the videos and make it easy for yourself. Kindly follow the instructions mentioned in the videos for proper taste.

5. What is the temperature required for maintaining frozen items?

A. Min of -18 c is to be maintained. Commercial freezers from blue star, western, elanpro etc., can be useful for the same.

6. Will you deliver outside Bangalore?

A. Yes. We are already delivering to some places nearby Bangalore like, Andhra, Telangana, Kerala, Tamilnadu and Maharastra etc., if order value is more, we can supply through cold chain vehicles as well. If the order value is less, transportation would be extra on case to case basis on actuals.

7. What is the Min order?

A. For cold chain vehicles, min order is 500 kg to 1000 kg tentatively, based on connectivity. But if min order is not there, transportation will be charged extra and supplied on case to case basis, depending on logistics connectivity. Please fill the enquiry form with all the details, our team will get back to you in 2 working days.

8. Is it possible to customize the product?

A. Yes, only if MOQ matches. Please fill the product customization form from service page and our team will reach you back in 2 working days.

9. Could you add any product if we suggest in your list of items?

A. Yes, in some cases we do, please fill the enquiry form with details, our team will get back to you.

10. Payment structure?

A. Material will be dispatched, completely on advance mode through bank transfer or UPI. On payment receipt, bill copy will be sent automatically to the given email ID.

11. Shelf life?

A. It varies from product to product, ranging from 3 months, 6 months and 9 months, if stored under -18 c. For non-frozen items like cookies, shelf life will be around 7 days to 21 days and will be mentioned on the pack.

12. No Return of product policy

A. We can share the images before packing and after packing, we care for proper packing and better delivery. Our team can consider any alternative logistics on client’s request, if there is no compromise on product quality. But we cannot take back the products once billed and dispatched.

13. Transport information for outside Bangalore deliveries.

A. Before booking the cold chain vehicle service, our team will inform full logistics details to the client. On confirmation from the client, our team will proceed to the booking. Client may directly follow-up with the logistics partner by tracking with the billing details.

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