Manager called Devesh to his cabin, four of his team members are already there when he entered the room. Devesh joined back after 21 days of leave for is marriage. Manager and his team conveyed best wishes for his marriage and started review meeting. Meeting was all about targets vs achievements; manager is motivating the team to work harder as this is the last quarter of the year. Devesh took all download from the team about new prospects. He understood the pressure on the whole team to meet targets for that quarter. His team was the best one across India last year and his manager doesn’t want to lose the winning spot this year.  He and his team wanted to get that top spot for the manager as his manager always supports the team whenever required. 

He has taken a small house for rent after marriage at an affordable rent. His wife somehow adjusted even though she is from an above middle class family. Devesh earns decent salary but recently he lost his savings with a bad investment. This is pretty challenging time as he has to satisfy his in laws through the lifestyle which he shares with his wife. They take it to the heart as his wife is the only daughter to them and they want her to be in the better place always. But then his wife understands his pressures and supports him in each and every way. He life after marriage was not luxurious but decent with small travels, weekend cinemas etc., 

I forgot to tell about Devesh’s personal interest, he always wanted to be an entrepreneur; he is working on some project with his friend in parallel to his job. This is an additional work to Devesh where his efforts are more and returns are very minimal. Sometimes, his half salary goes in nurturing this small startup. Apart from sweetness of his marriage, supporting in-laws, understandable manager, sometimes feels burdened with his job, financial challenges and his new family commitments. 

Sunday morning, he and his wife love to have ethnic Indian breakfast together talking to each other. Devesh ordered poha for both of them. It was delivered on time in two separate boxes. His wife hesitated to eat first outside food at first, but Devesh convinced her by showing the rating and reviews of poha from that restaurant. Her wife used to have Poha often in her Indori family friend’s house. When she unboxed, she could see authentic poha topped with small cut onions and aloo sev. She just gave a little smile to herself as the Aroma was tempting. She squeezed the lemon slice which restaurant gave on both the pohas and started experiencing the poha. 

Meanwhile Devesh went little into deep thoughts and felt like poha was talking to him. Poha said “life is like me – a right combination of meeta khatta chatpata, and namkeen, only when they are put together in a right combination in a balanced way, magic of swaad happens in the mouth. Life is also like this, without challenges, commitments, failures, fun and successes – life is routine and boring. You need to learn to handle all of them with ease , then life is at bliss always, whenever and whereever ” And then poha went silent. Devesh thought about it for some seconds and gave a pleasant smile at his wife. 

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